Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Internet Safety Reflection

  1. I chose to read the article "Mixed Signals" from the New Era
  2. I watched the PBS documentary for my video and it was VERY interesting. It focused on a little town in New Jersey and showed different uses of the internet by youth. The parts I watched talked about how various youth use the internet, how schools try to use technology. It had a few specific situations where it went in depth into what certain students used technology for and how their parents had no idea what they were doing online. It talked about parents that are trying to be more safe with the internet... it was very interesting and somewhat eyeopening.
  3. Take Aways:
    • Don't fall for the virtual world perks... things are never anonymous and once it is on the internet, you can't take it back.
    • Virtual vs Real - need Real relationships with people, yes life can suck sometimes but it will continue to suck if your whole life is online
    • in families be careful with the internet, have the computer in an open area where it is easily seen, educate your children on how to be safe on the internet. 
 4.  I taught my little brother over the phone about internet safety. I asked him what he already knew about internet safety. My parents have talked a lot to him about not going to a site unless you know the content of it (and that the content is good) and being careful not to click on any adds or blinkies. He is pretty smart when it comes to the internet. I talked to him about being careful with information you put on the internet and not giving confidential information to people even if it is people you know. I also talked to him about the importance of having face to face relationships and not using texting or chatting as his only means of communicating with friends.

He was pretty attentive and also had some comments himself. I shared with him the article by Elder Bednar, I don't think he will actually read it... he is 15 and has lots of other things that keep him busy.... but I did share the main message with him. I know he will be smart with the web. I know my parents are very careful when it comes to the internet and they have taught their kids to do the same.

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