Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 9 - AKA Week 1 of Practicum

I have completed the mid course evaulation and the consent form.

The classroom I am in is fairly tecnological. More so than when I was in school. There are 3 computers in the back of the room that are fairly new and are used daily for centers or testing. The teacher also brings in 3- 4 mac laptops for the centers/testing. The computers have various learning programs and internet access. The teacher also has her own personal lap top and a printer in the classroom. AND the coolest part, they have a promethean board! It is basically a giant touch screen that the teacher can project on and draw/write on. My mentor teacher gets frustrated with hers because it likes to misalign itself almost every time she uses it... HOWEVER it is an awesome tool to have in the classroom.

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